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Welcome!  If this is your first visit to Casting My Net, allow me to introduce you to myself and my website.  My name is Kathleen Burnett and you can read more about me here.

This blog space is where I write from my heart and life various biblical articles for Christian living, Bible study notes, current event opinions, ministry ideas, and crafts for children’s ministries/ VBS.  Why did I call my site Casting My Net? Find out here!

The gospel of Jesus Christ changed my life many years ago.  On this page I explain the gospel and link to other gospel related articles.  Check it out!

 Bible study:

Follow my weekly summary notes from my current ladies’ Bible study — HABAKKUK

Habakkuk -- Bible Study Lesson Notes

 Habakkuk Bible Study Lesson Notes Page

Habakkuk 1:1-5 — Lesson 1

Most popular articles:

Not So Random Acts of Kindness


Not So Random Acts of Kindness



Jesus Heals from afar


Jesus Heals– 3 Examples of Jesus Healing from afar…



Is Halloween the devil's day?


Is Halloween the Devil’s Day?



Thanksgiving Prayer



When is “God, I thank you…” NOT an acceptable Thanksgiving Prayer?



Most popular children’s crafts:

File Folder Suitcase Craft


File Folder Suitcase Craft



Paper Plate Heart Baskets


Paper Plate Heart Basket



rainbow vbs craft



Rainbow VBS craft


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